Mike, Erek and Missy sit down for Sokast Episode 54: Guilty Pleasures for getsokt.com.
On this episode we cover the following topics:
  • Guilty Pleasure Viewings
  • Pimple Popping Videos
  • Air Force Combat Medic Erek
  • TGIF
  • HGTV
  • Missy Got Jokes
  • Unplugged vs. Plugged
  • “That” Small Pimple
  • Ruby Rose
  • 90’s Teeny Movies
  • Big Netflix Movie Deals
  • Movie vs. Home Theater
  • Gay Marriage and Legal Weed
  • Meth Toast Crunch
  • Fort Myers Brewing Company
  • Family Talk
  • Twin Talk
  • Big Families
Thanks as always for listening!