The Afternoon Pic Me Up is a daily post with the purpose of making your day better and curing your boredom at the same time. Take a peek at the most interesting photos we found on the web today.

skydiving sunset

dark hair selfie

Worcestershire meme

cut wood stacked

drying baby instructions

cold hand meme

snow sledding down street

fails europe travel magazine

incredible outdoor van

restaurant inside bank vault

woman in white dress holding glass

last straw snapchat

dog eats chocolate meme

hidden bay in the ocean

snow day freak out meme

advertisementrasta themed shirt

outdoor popeye art

amazing spiral staircase pic me up

Japanase Manhole cover

train in snow at dark

funny banana snapchat

dirty UPS truck

Leroy tankins meme

millenium falcon car

plane on private island

double rainbow on coast

tiger growling under water

cute brunette selfie

dick punch meme

jack Daniels carrying case meme

fitness whole pizza meme

blonde woman in pink dress