Who doesn’t LOVE LEGO? Samsofy, a french photographer, plays out a story with different characters by making tiny model sets or creating a set from the street.

To view more of Samsofy’s work visit samsofy.fr or check our more work on Facebook.

bart simpson on a skate board

lego on a strawberry cake

woverine lego

lego woverine cutting down a mushroom

michelangelo painting the turtle michelangelo

construction worker lego

lego cooks dropping macaroons

lego figure cleaning a camera lens

lego bart simpson with Mr. Burns

AT-ST lego climbing a cat tree

lego darth vader on a green screen


lego figures in a line up dressed in santa costume

lego figure picking up dog poop

lego figure fishing for sardines

darth vader flyer ET home

lego chicken hatching out of an egg

lego figure with a cat

starwars lego

lego romeo and juliet

batman posting missing signs for robin

lego superman lifting a grate

(H/T: boredpanda)