The Afternoon Pic Me Up is a daily post with the purpose of making your day better and curing your boredom at the same time. Take a peek at the most interesting photos we found on the web today.

fish eating dead skin off feet

ceiling fan pokemon fail

spongebob adult humor

arcade button that doesn't work

cat staring straight at camera

ghostbusters tweet

guy fiereri snap chat

eggs cake meme

bruce luke and me

heavy duty misspelled

hippo meme

lame joke on sign of local coffee shop


tiny monkey on iphone

usher is the usher for the wedding

positive words written on bananas

pretty girl snapchat filter

iguana tap it meme

chuck norris can do all the pushups

diver in front of no diving sign

most awkward position meme

family owned funny sign

pinching statues nipples

drinking problem meme

pretty girls standing in front of rail