Here is a collection of our favorite pictures of the day! Enjoy.

jagermeister and red bull tattoosource

alpaca made from cardssource

Pizza guys who can't spell Hawaiian wrongsource

face swap with a paintingsource

super cute brunette selfie

I am doing the best I can kid notesource

rooster in work vansource

amazing spice rack in kitchensource

eat dirt license platesource

sokt classic tshirt

people my age starting companies and getting married and I'm just here likesource

empty deadly spider containersource

nebula themed paintjob Maserati source

dyson vacuum looks confused

car pulling giant missilesource

girls dressed up like Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boysource

d parking lot pointing at guysource

grandma with netflix and chill sweatersource

share this moose for no reason

red polka dot bikinisource