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aubergine paprika cooked in basil garlic tomato and olive oil saucesource

Sculpin and Alaskan Salmon for lunchsource

Roasted Acorn Squash Warm Burratasource

Fluffy Fluffy Pancakes with homemade Vanilla Rum Syrupsource

Chicago deep dish pizza in an 8" cast ironsource

Pizza posesource

Spicy Italian Beef Sandwichsource

Puff Pastry Cinnamon Apple Rosessource

Crispy rice California Rollsource

Fresh Tuna Carpaccio with Sweet Chili Dressingsource


RIP Mcdonaldssource

Drizzle some balsamic reduction on and it's heaven on a platesource


Salmon Dinnersource

Howlin Rays Fried Chickensource

Hello user sub and fellow pizza slutssource

Chicken teriyaki with rice edamame beans and mangetout source

popcorn shrimpsource

Kung Pao Shrimpsource

special shit seasoningsource

Luxurious Hot Chocolate Sweet Republic Dublin, Ireland source

peanut butter dream piesource

seinfield chocolatesource