By: Danielle Brounce
Lunch- We eat it alone, at work, with friends or family.  Lunch is typically part of your everyday routine, but what if you had a lunch that changed your life? That is exactly what happened to the 25 year old CEO of Feeding Forward, Komal Ahmad. 
Ahmad was a student attending the University of California at Berkeley when her life changed forever.  She was approached by a homeless man who asked for money to buy food.  Instead of just opening her wallet or bypassing him all together she invited him to lunch.  As the two ate and conversed she learned that he was a soldier who had recently returned from Iraq and had a run of bad luck. 

Feeding Forward

The meal conversation with a complete stranger resonated so deeply with her that within months she had set up a program at Berkeley that allowed the school’s dining halls to donate excess food to local homeless shelters.  Within three years that program had expanded to 140 colleges across the US. 
By 2013 Ahmad had launched her own non-profit, Feeding Forward.  Feeding forward is a team of young entrepreneurs who are determined to end hunger and eliminate food waste within their lifetime.   The non-profit allows businesses to save money by connecting edible food to communities in need through a technology platform (currently only available in the San Francisco Bay Area).  Since the launch on 2013 they have recovered more than 691,000 pounds of food and fed more than 570,000 people.
Feeding Forward… Request- Recover- Receive
Here’s how it works:
1. The donor (restaurants, caterers, business, etc.) posts a donation of excess food through Feeding Forward’s Mobile app or website.
2. A unique algorithm matches the donation to a nearby recipient agency (homeless shelter, soup kitchen, etc.) in need of food at that given time.
3. A volunteer is sent to pick up the food and upon delivery confirms that everything went smoothly.
In the Bay Area and looking to help? For more information you can check out Facebook or follow them on twitter @FeedingForward.